Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What are YOU reading?

I happened to see this in the carousel in our library when I went to pick up the girls one afternoon, and it looked too intriguing to dismiss.  So I checked it out.

And it is AWESOME.
He Still Moves Stones (The Bestseller Collection)

So relevant to what we all face today and written in a way that just makes you sit up and go "Ahh.  That makes sense."

[I smiled when I saw a chapter on handling relatives, since we are living with my parents at the time!  Very timely!] 

Several chapters really made my frustrations with our adoption process much more bearable and understandable, and for that comfort that it offered more than made it worth reading.

Max Lucado really has a gentle way of looking at life's challenges, reminding us of similar life challenges faced in the bible by people just like us, and leading us to a biblical solution that makes sense and is do-able.  I really enjoy his grasp on the meaning behind so many of the parables and how these stories from so many years ago mirror some of the struggles that we face yet today.

It's like a Here and Now Devotional, and Max reminds us that God still speaks to us today and cares when we hurt.  You will be surprised how much you will enjoy reading this book- I guarantee it.

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