Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Orphan Sunday

There will always be obstacles in the way of doing what is right.  We must see through the earthly distractions and material concerns to find what is really important.

In honor of Orphan Sunday, I decided to feature a post from Amy at

Dear Orphan,

I saw your picture today and heard about your plight. Your face is so beautiful and sad, 
and it tugs at my heart.

I hear you don't get enough to eat, and that there isn't always medicine if you get sick. 

You sleep in a room with many children, but you still feel alone.

You have never had anyone wish you a "Happy Birthday", give you a gift, or even sing 

you a lullaby goodnight.  No one has ever told you about Jesus or that He loves you.

I wish we could adopt you, but....

It is such a long way to travel, it would cost so much money, and it involves so much 


Our home isn't very big, and we already have children. Adding another child to our family would mean they would have to share a bedroom as well as our love and attention...

What if you have health issues or special needs that are not yet diagnosed?

You might have a hard time adjusting to a family after never knowing one, or have 
"issues" from years of neglect, malnutrition, mistreatment, or abuse....

I'm sorry, it just feels like too much of a risk and sacrifice.


 Adoption doesn't really feel like our "calling". 

 Maybe there is another family....

Quinn- age 8 months


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