Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Not sure how Oct 31st snuck up on us, but all of a sudden my kids were discussing what costumes they would be wearing and what candy they hoped to get.


I believe that was one of the first boxes excavated from the basement crawl space and taken over to the other farm during our first Moving Purge of the basement.

  So Camille and I went over to the other farm, crawled under the broken garage door where our first items were stored, and climbed over boxes to get to the back of the garage to find the costume box.  Thank goodness we found it.  Camille was planning on going as Austin Powers, so she could be a pair with Moyra, who was going as the 60's Austin Powers girlfriend with the poofy hair.  It was imperative to her that we find that costume.

[The funny part of that costume is that it wasn't a costume originally. It was items that had once hung in my closet...]

First stop on Halloween afternoon- the nursing home for a show given for the residents.

Dietrich, Moyra, Camille, Sara, Bear

Then, after running home to do chores and milk the cows, we re-dressed, and met friends in town to make our Trick or Treat run!

Lani, Kaylee, Camille, Dietrich, Moyra, Bri

Camille, Aunt Shirley, Bri

You will notice that Luke isn't in any of the pictures.  Of course, he had ditched us even before we got into town to walk around with his friends, because they were really too old to trick or treat, but they still wanted to dress up and be with their friends. 

He was kinda hating his older-kid status later that night when the girls spread out their candy on the floor to begin the traditional candy swap, but he ended up guilting the girls out of several pieces of candy, so he was content.

As we walked around, I 'waxed nostalgic' about my hometown of Anoka, which claims to be the Halloween Capital of the World.  Because of it's claim to fame, our Halloweens there were always a big deal, complete with a parade down mainstreet, school and neighborhood parties, and lots of treating. 

My kids were like "yah, yah, Mom, now let's go hit that next street, okay?"    Not exactly the respectful attitude that I had expected, but no matter.   I still enjoyed remembering the fun times spent in the suburbs of Anoka, and we had a beautiful, crisp fall night for walking the suburbs of Viborg, so it was a memorable evening for all of us.

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