Friday, November 11, 2011

The Big Move

I can finally breathe again.  My house is done with her road trip, gallivanting around the countryside, and is finally ready to settle down again. After being put on hold Tuesday because of an overlooked powerline, the move was back on again for Wednesday.  

And I totally missed it.

We understood that once the movers had the go ahead to move, they would give us a call.  I guess they understood something different.  The girls and I couldn't stand the wait any longer, so right after lunch, we drove over to the farm to ask the movers when the big move would be.  

We got there, and stood with mouths open, staring at the spot where the house used to be.

We drove quickly over to the new farm to find our house sitting, pretty as you please, in the driveway.  We had missed the party.

So much for documenting this for our children to see someday.  I had both the video camera and digital camera on stand-by, charged and ready for action.  Considering how often I'm caught unprepared when a Kodak moment occurs, I was pretty proud of myself for being like a Boy Scout.  ( you know.."prepared")

Best laid plans...yadda yadda.

So the next time the kids are looking through the old photo albums, and come across all the pictures of the old brick silo whose move from one farm to the homeplace was documented ad nauseum, at least I have a few pictures of our house sitting on a truck trailer.  That's got to be good for a few Oohs and Aahs.

Anyway, the good news is that it didn't end up sitting lopsided in a ditch somewhere, which is what I had been dreading.  And I can breath again. 

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