Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm sure you all remember the baby that I spoke so much about awhile back; the baby that we had hoped to adopt but couldn't because of Quinn's adoption?  Well, through a series of God Winks, we were able to connect this sweet baby with some very special friends of ours.

Friends who welcomed the opportunity to adopt, so we explained the situation and made the introductions.

They and the Birth Mom hit it off, and the rest is history! 

Here is where we come in.  Loren and I were incredibly honored to be asked to be Godparents for this Very Special Baby Girl. 

Baptism at Our Saviors Lutheran Church

She is telling me stories!
 She is such a lucky little girl, with so many people who love her! 

It has been so miraculous, watching God in action when it came to finding a home for this precious little girl.  She is with a remarkable family and her future is bright and full of love. 

And boy, is she gonna get spoiled!!!  Cuz that's what Godmothers are for, right??

Anna Jo Rose

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