Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adoption Update~

I keep hoping that I will have incredibly exciting news to relate, but as of yet, there is nothing monumental to announce.  (sigh)

However, I think the wait forces me to sit and contemplate our situation, evaluate our preparedness, and pray for more patience!

Last Thursday I sweet-talked my two friends, Sara and Staci, to attend the Katelyns Fund Adoption support meeting in Sioux Falls.  They both have connections to adoption- Sara as an adoptee, and Staci as a new adoptive mom.  We turned it into a Girls Night Out, and brought our daughters Moyra, Kaylee, and Bri.  And yes, it included a stop for a Mocha Frappe!

The meeting was very informative, and the fellowship chat session afterwards almost more informative than the speaker session!  They also handed out an Adoption Devotional that is focused on the many "difficulties and faith challenges" that face those who take the adoption journey.  I read it within 2 days and have to say that it has been instrumental in changing my attitude as we wait for our travel approval.

Two of the devotionals really hit home this week- the first one addresses the struggles in adoption that trace back to everything from government corruption to paperwork mistakes, expenses that you weren't prepared for, and changes in the rules while you are in process.

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.   He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.  Psalm 62:1-2

Warfare will always be part of adoption, and we need to remember that the caseworker, the country we are dealing with, the calendar, or the mounds of paperwork isn't our enemy.  God is our rock, and we just need to know that He will fight for us, when it is right.  Sitting back and trusting like that isn't easy, and this is something I REALLY need to work on.

The second devotion that really spoke to me was in regards to having a grateful heart.  How easy it is to grouse about all the obstacles, the delays, the never-ending redundant paperwork, and slow moving government offices.  These obstacles can cause us to miss the blessings that are all around us. 

And since the past few weeks have been so incredibly frustrating, I decided to make a list of the blessings that I have to be grateful for.  (Seems like a good topic on Thanksgiving week, wouldn't you think?) 
  • A place to stay- my parents have opened their home to us while our home is being worked on, and as there are no hotels within 30 miles of here, this is BIG!
  • My mother- helping out whenever she is able, with the house, the kids, with laundry!  She is a saint.
  • Amazing contractors and house movers that are doing their best to get our house done.  They can't control equipment failure, the weather, or competing jobs that also need to be done.
  • Great weather, even this far into November.
  • Wonderful friends, who continue to offer help, lodging, and moral support.
  • That Loren's parents left their homeplace to him, and that he is getting a chance to "come home" again.
  • Adoption support groups, such as Advocating for Waiting Children, and Katelyn's Fund, that give me been there-done-that advice on adopting, traveling, and parenting.
  • Our kids, who have been flexible throughout this transition and who would love to extend their stay with Grandma indefinitely!
While we can't control the speed of our adoption paperwork being processed, the speed of our home being moved and connected, or the speed of our mortgage refinancing process to be completed, we can continue to TRUST.

I can remind myself that the world does not revolve around my needs. 

 I can use this time to spend quality time with Luke, Bri, and Camille, knowing that they will have to be more patient about having their needs met once Quinn is home.

I can use this time to reconnect with Loren and have a Date Night before our evenings are again controlled by a toddler. 

I can get our home unpacked, reassembled, and cleaned after it's roadtrip.  I've been nesting for weeks, but haven't been able to work on the house since it's been "in trantsit".

I can prepare myself to receive this incredible gift of another child; a child that will need alot of love, patience, and understanding. 

I think I've got plenty to keep me busy for awhile :-)

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