Monday, November 7, 2011

MORE housemoving posts

You can never have enough pictures of a house on wheels, can you?

This shows the entire house disconnected from the basement and jacked up.  This is just the beginning...

This shows how they roll the house onto girders and away from the basement.  Those are the front stairs in the bottom left corner of the picture.  Luke had to use a ladder to get into the house!

This shows the entire basement exposed.  Yes, that mess was our basement.  I will be SO GLAD to have a basement that isn't drowning in water every spring, and isn't home to every spider in the county. 

I know....I'm demanding.

And here it is on wheels.  To say that the thought of my house being pulled down a gravel road by a truck freaks me out doesn't begin to describe the panic I feel whenever I think of the process of getting it moved.  I mean, what happens if it slips off into the ditch???  I know- have a little faith, right? 

So meanwhile, we are sharing digs with my parents and most likely testing their patience, but they are being such good sports about having us invade their home.  And we are being treated like royalty, so I'm guessing it will be hard to convince the kids to leave when it is time to move back into our house. :-)

When we were at the farm, I took a minute to take a few pics of Luke and Bri in a few of their favorite places on the farm.

Bri just loves our barn, so we took a pic of her in the doorway.  It's a beautiful old barn built in the 1940's, and you could play basketball in the loft- it is THAT big!

And here is Luke, draped across the classic pick up that belonged to Loren's grandpa.  Wish I could get the kid to smile....

That's better!!

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