Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homeschooling humor

Look closely at the bottom of the photo- see the fingers drawn on the page?  I thought Camille was just doodling and trying to avoid doing her math, but when I asked her about them, she said "Mom, I'm doing subtraction and I don't have enough fingers!"

Speaking of homeschooling, I have to admit that science is one of my favorite subject to teach (with English being my worse!)  This week we're learning how things work, including elementary physics to explain gravity, force, friction, and work applied to an object.  We have 2 boxes full of odds and ends that we use to test out our science experiments- most of them left overs from Luke's dissection of our old VCRs or CD players.

Here we are learning how a lever and fulcrum can be used to balance or raise a load.  We are using backgammon pieces for the loads because they stack so nicely, rulers for the levers, and a chinese checker game piece for our fulcrum.  Too bad the park is buried in snow, otherwise we would've gone to use the teeter-totter to demonstrate some of these principles.
Our "fulcrum" pieces also served to demonstrate how air can displace an object and lift the object, similar to a hover craft.  When Camille blows air down into the hole at the top of the cone, it actually lifts and moves- it's a fun and easy experiment.

I have found that just by living on a farm, my kids get more science opportunities than most kids that live in town.  They are exposed to living things with their livestock chores, plants and biology when helping with the gardening or harvest, construction and repair opportunities with the buildings and facilities, how weather affects our products and livestock... the opportunities are endless. 

Plus, it's Mom's favorite subject :-)

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