Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

I have a love/hate relationship with my furnace;  I love it when it works, hate it when it acts up and refuses to keep me warm.  And EVERY year, it loves to test my affections by going out.  Every year. 

So this year, it was making funny sounds on Friday afternoon and smelling like burning rubber, so we turned it down until that night and ran the woodburning stove.  ( I DO have a love/love relationship with my stove!
  Maybe my furnace is jealous? ) 

Anyway, we woke up to a cold house Saturday morning, realizing that the furnace had gone out again.  We're tough midwest stock, so we decided to wait and call our furnace guy on Monday morning. Hey, our ancestors lived through South Dakota winters in meager homestead shanties, so we should be able to handle a few cold days as well!  Burned lots of wood over the weekend, and then called our furnace guy on Monday to ask him to kindly come and fix our quirky furnace.

 Bad news- he's had surgery and is laid up- can't work.  Plan B- call another heater repairman in our area who doesn't know the quirks of our furnace, but should be able to fix it.  Placed the call on Monday and left a message with his wife, then suffered in silence on Tuesday, figuring that he was busy.

 Today we are on day 5 without heat.  In South Dakota.  In February/March. Cold north winds.

Huddling around the woodburner, eating warm banana bread.

  Finally this morning I called him again. Somehow the message from Monday didn't get to him, but he was GREAT!  Came right over, found out that the motor thingy had gone out, and replaced it.  I didn't care how much it costs- I just wanted to feel my toes again. 

So now we are all laying around the house, enjoying this blissful heat that we often take for granted. 

Back to loving my furnace.

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