Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Homestudy is done!!

FINALLY!!  Similar to your final weeks of pregnancy, when you think that baby will just NEVER GET HERE, then suddenly it does.  And you can hardly believe it. 

We began this adoption last September, and we are now authorized to adopt a child from China, preferably a girl, 1-5 years old, with any of the special needs that we have indicated we could handle.  Now the waiting for a referral begins.

The homestudy, that was estimated to take 6-8 weeks, took almost 5 months.  Our agency was going through policy and procedural changes at the national level, so our local agency was plugging along, trying to figure out how to do the new process.  Just when we would think we were done, another item would come up, and then another...    We were their guinea pigs, I'm told.  


Now we can send off our I-800A form to our government, with a sizeable check, to request their permission to adopt a foreign born child, and that is estimated to take anywhere from 2 weeks turn around, to 2 months or more. 

I've had the envelope addressed and ready to go for almost 3 months.

This paperchase makes adding to your family "the old fashioned way" look like child's play.  Plus, it's alot more fun. ;-)

On a sidenote- we are REALLY enjoying our heat!  Last night we had the thermostat set at 64 deg and we all thought it was toasty.


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