Saturday, March 5, 2011

4H and Violin


  Today was back to back kids events- first the SE Area Violin contest this morning for Bri and she came through like a trooper. She never fails to impress me with her courage- even though I knew she was very scared, she still kept her composure and performed beautifully.
She also earned her first 10 pt cup in violin performance- it takes at least 3 years of contests to earn enough points to win it, so she was very excited to find out that she had won it today.  Yah Bri!

We finished at the violin contest in Vermillion, and left for our 4H Talk and Demo Day in Viborg.  The kids each gave their presentations, along with about 20 other kids, and finished with a pizza party and basketball.

Bri's talk about Anacondas
Camille's talk about Sign Language

Luke's demo on equipment he uses for milking his cow
 All in all, a good day.   :-)

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