Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Swelter

The weather continues to be hot and muggy, and much of our time is spent scheduling our activities around the heat.
Last week, Camille talked me into getting her hair cut, so off we went to Gayle's shop.

Here are before and after pictures:

Bri ended up getting a trim as well, and we sent Camille's hair off to Locks of Love.  They are both so thrilled with the shorter hair, especially with this heat.

I'm going back and forth between food harvesting/canning and preparing for Quinn to come home.  Today, I harvested the rest of the beets and plan on canning them today or tomorrow.  I had also picked 2 grocery sacks full of green beans, but ended up throwing them to the chickens because between the humidity and the heat, those beans were just plain rubbery!  Hardly worth all of the work that it would take to can them.  It just about killed me to not be able to use them, but instead, I've been watering the bean plants to get them to produce more beans for a September picking.  I've only canned 30 quarts of beans so far, and we go through  more than that in a year.

Managed to also freeze 12 quarts of blueberries for use over the winter.  It's worth it to buy them when it's less than $2.00/pint because during the fall/winter months, they get very expensive.  We chop them up and put them in waffles and in oatmeal, and the kids eat them right out of the freezer like mini-popsicles!

The rest of the week is being spent on house repairs- I'm hoping to get most of these projects done before things get too busy around here this fall.  I painted the new front door and that's drying outside, cleaned and packed up the office and got it ready for our new school year, ordered school books, started painting the office, weeded the large garden, canned 8 quarts of pickles and 6 quarts of beets, and I'm working on all the final financing details for our China adoption. I think I'm nesting!! 

 Can't wait to get the house moved so that we can re-arrange the kids to different bedrooms.  I would love to get Quinn's room set up before we leave to get her.  We are on day 54 of the LOA wait- if nothing else, this process is teaching me to be patient!