Monday, August 22, 2011

Beware: Guard dog on the premises

After losing over 20 laying hens and 4 ducks this summer to raccoons and minks, I decided that we needed a farmdog.  (yes, other than the 3 little Shih Tzus that belong to the kids, and would just lick an intruder into submission.)

We had begun discussing breeds and which would work best on our farm, and how Dad would feel about having another mouth to feed on the farm.

Then the County Fair arrives, and we innocently walk through the Old McDonalds farm, and see this:

1/2 Pyraneese, 1/2 Newfoundland (good guard dog combination), only $25.00 (what a deal!) and cute as a bug's ear (not necessary, but it sure helped get him in the door!)

Meet Axel, the newest member of the Johnson household!