Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Retail Therapy

To combat the anxiety we have been facing this past week, we decided to do our school and Quinn shopping yesterday!

Grandma Lee rode shotgun, and we headed off for Sioux Falls, first completing some minor errands, then met Aunt Gayle, Kellie, Glenda, and their grandchildren at Pizza Ranch to down some nourishment before hitting the streets again.  (I can eat an amazing amount of Cactus dessert pizza- something I thought you should know about me.) 

We found all of Quinn's clothing at Once upon a Child, along with some toys, and I feel much better having enough clothes for her.  Could little girls clothes get any cuter?  Even picked out a dress for her court day- I'm getting so darn anxious to get that little pumpkin.....! 

 It is tricky when I don't know what size she wears, so I'm playing it safe by having 18 mo-size 3 outfits, just in case.  The shoes will just have to wait until we get her- who thought I would ever do "shoe shopping" in China??!

We had decided to allow Luke to attend public school this year, for reasons that I'll have to go over at another time, so we had to "school shop" for clothes for the first time in 5 years.  He looked almost shell shocked when we kept bringing him items to try on at Platos, and he kept muttering "this is just like Christmas".  Too funny :-)

I also scored several hugs from him...definitely worth the trip!

 We just don't shop for clothes often, and the great thing about homeschooling is that you can show up in your jammies if you want, so clothing hasn't had alot of importance for us.
Here is their Sears Pose!

Luke and Bri in new tops- Bri chose this with her gift cert she won at Rodeo Bible Camp.

(For you Frugal Followers out there, note that all the clothing we bought was at consignment stores!  I just can't bring myself to buy clothing at retail store prices.)

Since the girls weren't getting clothing, they were looking forward to getting school supplies.  Bri's eyes light up when she sees the aisles of markers, paint, and folders, and I thought at one point she may actually hyperventilate. With supplies in hand, we are now ready to begin our school year.

Momma splurged alittle as well.  See what I found at the Ys Buys store?  (like a Goodwill, but run by the YMCA)

I'm a sucker for antique furniture...
 All in all, a fun day and great annual treat for everyone!  Next week is County Fair, then we start school the week afterwards.  Summer is winding down.....