Monday, August 15, 2011

Fair Time

It's that time of year again- the August heat is wearing us down, school is just around the corner, and the scramble to prepare our projects for the Turner County Fair begins!

Last minute touches on a sewing project

Baking cookies!
 The fair is our family last stab at summer fun- we do a day of the rides, eat lots of funnel cake, cotton candy, and Indian tacos, and visit with friends while watching livestock shows and walking the fairgrounds.  The kids will show animals and crafts on Monday, work the 4H food stand on Tuesday,  do the wristband rides on Wednesday, and the 4H program and games on Thursday. 

There are several "shows" that are presented before the actual fair, done earlier due to time constraints, scheduling conflicts, and so that they are done before the state events.  The girls competed in both the Dog Show and Cat show.

Camille and Hannah

Bri and Emma

Turner and Tripp County dog show contestants
Camille and Cookie

Dietrich and Camille

Moyra, Dietrich, and Camille receiving showmanship ribbons
As with every opportunity to win something, there is always the chance the kids will come home feeling despondent because they didn't win.  This gives us the chance to practice good sportsmanship and to learn that it's not the ribbon that is the goal, but the skill learned and the experience you gain participating. 

The contests allow them to try and fail, with the support of their family, so they will learn how to accept failure graciously, and also how to plan and strategize for success the next time.

 Didn't win the top Showmanship award this year?  Practice and review the questions more before the contest next year.  Your rabbit was underconditioned and got a blue instead of a purple?  Plan a better feed program and make sure to keep the rabbit cool next August prior to the fair. 

How else can we learn to become problem solvers for life if we don't have problems to solve?  These opportunities equip them with the tools to deal with life's many obstacles and they learn to look for the solutions instead of giving up.

 It also shows our kids that they CAN fail, and come out on the other side of it wiser and ready for the challenge next time, armed with a toolbox of skills.  Being in groups like 4H or Boy Scouts gives kids the chance to learn this very important life skill of problem solving.

So bring on the Fair!