Thursday, August 25, 2011

Many hands make the workload lighter~

Between adoption paperwork, chaos of starting homeschool this week, and trying to get our house moved to the other farm, I was getting behind just a little.  

 Okay, alot.

So imagine my surprise when the girls and I are doing school and all of a sudden my Aunt Gayle shows up, loaded with lunch and snacks, soon followed by my Mom, also loaded with lunch and snacks. 

(I'm not sure if it's a Norwegian thing or a Mom thing, but the women in my family always feel we have to feed our loved ones.  It's just our thing.)

The Reinforcements had arrived.  And they were anxious to get started.

 It felt like Publishers Clearing House had shown up at my door. 

Being caught off guard, I didn't have a to-do list handy, but since my kitchen table was literally covered in tomatoes, we thought it best to start there. 

So we spent the day canning 18 pints of salsa, 12 quarts of tomato sauce, 8 quarts of chili chunked tomatoes, and 7 quarts of dill pickles.  (Is that awesome, or what?!)  Picked and snapped green beans, and did laundry.  These ladies are incredible, and they worked tirelessly and cheerfully.  Did I mention that these are my two favorite women in the WORLD!?  Well, they are.
Grandma Lee cutting onions with a spoon in her mouth to keep her eyes from watering.  PS- it didn't work!

(Don't the girls look upset at having to miss a day of school??)

Aunt Gayle, gathering the last few tomatoes as the jars begin to cover the table.

I totally understand why women used to get together for Quilting Bees- there is something so engaging about working together, visiting about everything and nothing, and having the reassurance that you aren't alone in your work. 

So here's to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dishcloth (?) and to the camaraderie that comes with helping out your fellow man  woman in their time of need! 

Mom and Gayle- you two are the best.  Thank you~


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