Saturday, July 30, 2011

Food, Funeral, Food pantry, and Friends

I realize that I didn't get my Frugal Friday post done yesterday (super busy day) but I was hoping to make up for it with this weak attempt at alliteration!! 

FOOD:  First, we had our UNFI food delivery in Irene, and of course, the truck was late.  Of course, the worst part of the delivery was that he had forgotten to leave us our chocolate chips, so everyone was bummed about that!!  We finished with sorting our organic food, loaded everyone's car, and were headed back home.

FUNERAL:  The husband of a wonderful teacher and friend of mine had passed away this week, so I hurriedly cleaned up and hurried to Centerville for his funeral.  This friend, Mrs. Gors, was a fellow teacher when I taught school here in town, but more importantly, she was Erin's teacher the year of her accident.  Mrs. Gors was instrumental in helping Erin's class grieve openly for Erin and she handled all of their feelings with much love and consideration.  I'll never forget when I went to the school to clean out Erin's school desk, and there was a red rose laying on the desk in her classroom.  It touches me today just thinking about it.  Mrs. Gors is an incredible woman and the kind of teacher that inspires many generations of students- I pray she finds comfort in the wonderful memories she has of her husband.

FOOD PANTRY:  Our church is responsible for manning the local Food Pantry on Fridays from 4:30-6:30 and I am assigned one Friday a month to work at it.  I hurried home from the funeral, changed clothes, and Camille and I went back in to open up the Pantry.  The shelves were looking a little bleak this month- everyone is struggling with the higher cost of groceries, and it's beginning to show up even in the amount of food donated.

FRIENDS:  While we were at the Pantry, one of Camille's friends, Lexy, came by and the girls talked me into a sleep-over!  So we wrapped up our day ~

Mesa, Bri, Lexy on Bucco, and Camille