Wednesday, July 27, 2011

China current events

When I saw this article on MSN, my heart just leapt up to my throat.

How can money be so important to people that they are willing to exploit children in this way?  The thought of someone selling Quinn just hurts my stomach. 

The fact that these mothers have to face giving up their daughters because of a government rule makes me outraged and terribly sad for them.  Their families and their souls forever changed.
Then last week, one of the high speed trains that run in China hit another train, and 35 people were killed.  Seems like I notice more and more articles on China these days....could it be because I'm watching the calendar every day, counting down to our LOA?

(Note to self- do NOT ride the trains in China if at all possible.)

We are on day 49 of our wait for approval from the CCWAA for our adoption of Quinn.  Many people have gotten theirs on either day 53 or day 60, so I wonder if they are issued out once a week. 

Once we get LOA, then I can post pics of her, and also send her a care package to her orphanage.
And it means that we are that much closer to going and bringing her home.

With that in mind, we have had something else very unexpected come up that has us discussing, praying, and doing alot of pondering.  I'll expand on it in another post once I have more information.

If it works out, we will be tickled pink!