Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pea Harvest

Our mild spring weather, along with all the moisture we've been getting, has resulted in optimum gardening conditions.  The pea plants are almost taller than I am!  (I know....that's not a very hard thing to do because I'm only 4'11, but still, it's impressive.)

So yesterday, Camille and I spent 3 hours picking peas,(well, she wandered off after about 20 minutes, but it's the thought that counts!)  and another 4 hours shelling them, with help from Bri and Luke.

And that's only the first picking!  We are going to be eating LOTS of peas this year. My Dad also loves peas, so we will share :-) 

I have willing pea shellers because I let them indulge in their TV obsessions while they shell, because really, it's a very boring job.  So, to season the pot, so to speak, I let them watch TV as long as they keep on shelling.  Yesterday, we shelled over 30# of peas!  (yes, I weighed them) 

It's funny how these yearly chores build memories.  The kids were talking about how they always would think about watching funny Seinfeld reruns whenever they would eat peas, because that's what they watched last year when we were shelling.  This year, it's Cosby reruns. 

Yes, there are days when I wish we didn't own a TV, and that my kids weren't so keen on watching it ALL THE TIME, and then there are times when it weaves itself into our traditions.  Besides, it makes hours of shelling endurable.  Listening to the birds sing while sitting on the deck just wouldn't cut the monotony of pea shelling like laughing at little Rudy Huxtable and the crazy antics of Bill Cosby.  I get it.

Now, I'm going to go sit down to shell some peas....and watch a little Veronica Mars. :-)

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