Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be Prepared

 I want to start out by saying how proud I was of my husband Sunday night. 

Not that this is unusual, but it was a different kind of proud, the kind that almost made me verklempt.

Loren portrays all the values that I had on my checklist for a husband- incredibly loyal, compassionate, old fashioned in a good way, honest to a fault, trustworthy.....yes, he sounds like a Boy Scout. 

Which brings me to Sunday night.  Luke's best friend, Evan, was receiving his Eagle Scout award for Scouts, and Loren had been asked to "make a few comments".  (Or give a heartfelt speech that would bring the audience to tears...yah, that's the one he chose)

Luke and Evan

Loren is part of a long tradition in Viborg of producing an incredible amount of Eagle Scouts.  He was part of a group of 5 scouts one year from Troop 61 who earned their Eagle Scout awards, receiving alot of attention because of the large number of recipients from such a small town. They even garnered a spot on the local news station and an article in the paper.  Loren's father, Wayne, was his scout leader, and Evan's grandpa, Bob, has been involved as our area Scout director for many years, so our families have been linked through scouting.

The ceremony was simple but heartfelt, and everyone felt the enormity of this accomplishment.  Evan read a poem about Scout mothers that made us choke up and his mother cry.  Then it came for him to "pin" the adults that had helped him along the way; after pinning both his parents, he pinned Loren as his Mentor, which surprised and really pleased him.

Scouting is a long standing tradition that is seeped in old fashioned values.  The young men that travel the road to Eagle Scout learn the importance of committment and dedication to family and community, faith and country.  

It emphasizes doing for others instead of just doing for themselves.

I think everyone should become a Boy Scout. :-)

Loren, Luke, Ethan, Evan, PJ, Cody, Mike


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