Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We've made it to the Acronyms!!!

The adoption process has a language of it's own.  When you get the first of many lists, you will notice many acronyms that mean nothing to you, but will eventually mean everything!

After working and completing 3 very extensive to-do lists, we've made it to the fun part of the lists!  The words that get bantied and used on yahoo email groups of other adoptive parents, the phrases that people use to determine how far you are in the process.

"Are you LID yet? "
"We sent in our LOI and have PA back- waiting on our LOA.  Hoping we will receive TA soon so we can travel before winter..." 
"We are requesting a girl, AYAP, CL/CP,  and hope to be DTC this month".

Seriously- this is how they communicate!!  (And by THEY, I mean ME now too!)

And now, we finally have our own acronym to throw around.  

As of May 10, we have our LOI sent off to China!!  This is our Letter of Intent, telling the CCAA (I KNOW, another one!) in China that we want to adopt the little girl on our referral.

This starts the ball rolling as far as China is concerned.  It's no longer just working with agency requirements, now we are complying with the Chinese regulations in regards to adopting from their country.  This is where it gets REALLY exciting!

After China receives our LOI, they will send us a PA, Preapproval, and then we wait for them to review our file.  Once that is done, they will send us our LOA- Letter of Approval.  That means that it's a go!!  (Unless something goes very, very wrong, and we don't want to think about that :-( 

Tonight, I will make 6 copies of those very valuable documents in our dossier, which just got back from Pierre being certified, and then the dossier is ready to forward to China as well. 

Onward and upward- getting closer and closer to bringing our daughter home. 

 My insides are dancing!!

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