Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Springtime busy-ness~

WELL.................I was going to blog about how we were keeping busy while we wait for more news on the China front, and just as I was about to begin, I got a call saying that...

We got PA.... We got PA...!!

Doing the Happy Dance in my kitchen. :-) 

So now, we again wait- for the LOA, telling us that China has authorized our request for Quinn.  And THEN, I can begin to post pics.  Can't wait for you to see her adorable face- squeezable cheeks, and just a glint of mischief in her eyes!

So, "While we wait" again, we were presented with another diversion to take our minds off of the wait.

We were given a trampoline!!  Never thought we would own one, but the price was right (free) so who am I to argue with that?  (However, I am getting a net for it)

I'm told that most kids will live on it for the first 2 weeks, then they will get bored with it, so we'll see.  So far, every opportunity they have had, during breaks in school or chores, they are climbing on it and having such a good time.  Maybe once they get bored, old Mom and Dad can get a chance to use it!

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