Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PA, Where are you??

Acronym Pop Quiz- are you ready?

We sent off our LOI last Monday and have been checking our email religiously to see if we have received our PA yet.  Other AP's have posted that they've received their PA in as little as 1 business day, so where the heck is ours???

How'd you do?  LOI is Letter of Intent, telling China that we want to adopt Quinn.  PA is their pre-approval to let us know that she is available and that things are looking good.  Once they look through our dossier, then they give us the formal approval, called LOA, Letter of Approval.  AP's are adoptive parents, and we are a chatty bunch- comparing everything from packing lists for the trip to timeframes for paperwork. 

So, we wait.  We will continue to put in the garden, ride the horses, teach the kids, clean the house, and count the days until we get the go-ahead. 

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