Saturday, May 28, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun~

Today started out crazy, but ended up wonderfully!  Vet appointments for livestock, funeral sandwiches to make and get to town (late, I may add because the vet visit ran long), chores and lunch thrown at the hungry crew.  And I was thinking "this is how I'm going to spend this gorgeous Saturday?!"

Then, it all turned around.  Loaded up Bri and 2 of her friends, horses and tack, and left all of my worries to head to the Parker Arena for 4H Horse practice.  The smell of horses, the chatter of happy girls, a perfect spring breeze and warm sunshine- things were definitely looking up!

This was my idea of heaven when I was 10!
Take a look at this attitude!!

That's my girl!

Driving home in our old pickup and pulling a horse trailer, with giggling girls in the car and the smell of spring in the air, life feels just about perfect.  I think I found a new level of happiness today :-)

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