Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day

I'd love to be able to say that for Memorial Day, we were sitting on a beautiful lake taking in the wonders of Mother Nature, but I can't.


We were working on the house.

This was my workstation

However, not everyone gave 100%.........

And sometimes, our work crew would sneak away for a TV break....

However, we did get alot of work done, and also did manage to sneak in smores after dinner.  It was Quinn's first time trying to eat them.  She loves to pull her snacks apart and eat them a piece at a time.  Smores went from being a snack to being a sticky adventure.

Here she is signing "more"- the girl knows how to get what she wants :-)  Finally had to cut her off, or she would've been in a diabetic coma...

Hope you all had a memorable Memorial Day Weekend!!

(And next year, hopefully you will find me sitting at a lake...any lake.) 

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