Saturday, May 19, 2012

Visit #2 to the Castle

 Thursday, we were headed back to the Children's Hospital for Quinn's MRI, which is being requested by the pediatric neurologist that will be doing her surgery this summer.  The nursing staff at Sanford is so good with kids, and they go to great lengths to avoid any pain or discomfort for them.  Quinn was cheerful and agreeable about everything that day, even when she had to have an IV.  They put a lotion on her IV sites that had to sit 45 minutes before inserting the IV, and I don't think she even felt it go in.

Loopy Lucy got very groggy as the medicine kicked in, but I was so touched that she turned to me with such trust, as if we had known each other forever.  She kept holding my hand during the procedures-how sweet is that?

She slept through the brain and spine MRI and did great- we should get a report on their findings on Monday.  We are praying that everything will be perfect, but of course, if it's not, that is fine as well.  She is doing so well already at this point, and no matter what challenges are in her future, we will be there to face them with her.

 She will never be alone again- that's the beauty of adoption.

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