Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy week~

Spring gets so busy, with farm work, wrapping up homeschool,  celebrations like graduations, Mothers Day, several family birthdays, and Luke's confirmation- throw in having to refinish a basement and cleaning and repairing on our rental house, and we are exhausted from all the juggling.

Tried to find a juggler that wasn't smiling, but no luck!

So when the weather man said there would be storms later in the afternoon..

And the weather was glorious outside....

We decided to Carpe Diem...

Have a wagon ride...

Play in the dirt
I went out and spent some time in the garden..

Bri went out and worked with her horse.

We all needed a little time away from the crazy work schedule, if even for a few hours, then the rains came so it was back to the grindstone. (uffda)

On a sidenote- it's been interesting to watch Quinn adapt to the great outdoors after spending 2 years cooped up in an orphanage.  At first, even walking on grass seemed to challenge her, and now I no longer have to carry her across the lawn.  She is dipping her hands into sand now, tolerating our overly friendly dogs more, and is fascinated by butterflies.  I can't even imagine how much her little sensory world has been stimulated ever since coming home, but it definitely agrees with her.  She is one happy little kid.

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