Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Different view of Mother's Day

I read this article today, and it brought me back to our earlier days with Camille. 

She walked into our home at 20 months of age, surveyed the area, and then turned and looked at me as if I was the new zookeeper and she was animal on exhibit.  It got worse before it got better.

Camille had almost all of the "symptoms" on the RAD checklist, with the exception of starting fires.  Then again....she wasn't quite yet 2 years old. And I kept the matches above her reach.  (HA!)

Thankfully, I can say that she and I have been through the battle, and have hopefully come out on the other side, committed to loving each other whether we like it or not.

And I have to give her credit for putting up with me and the learning curve which comes with parenting an attachment challenged child.  Because even though I KNEW how I should respond when she threw her RAD behaviors at me, follow through often went out the window, along with my patience. 

Many days I lost my temper and thought I would lose my mind.  There are occasional days when I still feel that way.  But the good news is, those days are fewer and further apart, and we are both learning better ways of dealing with the behaviors that come with this label.

Thank you, Lisa Barry, for your insight on a tough subject, done with compassion, honesty, and in a way that gives us mommys hope.

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