Friday, June 1, 2012

Frugal Friday

Spring isn't just the season of love.....

Tis also the season of Rummaging!!

This was the haul we scored at the Irene City Wide Rummage Sale- it included 2 new winter coats, a trike, safety gate, gamechair, new aquarium in the box, and several bags of very nice clothes for our troop.

With our kids sprouting like proverbial "weeds", getting a whole bag of clothes for each of them for pocket change is almost a religious experience for this mom.

And by golly, they are learning to be frugal in the process!  More than once I heard my kids either say that something was still marked too high, or they mentioned that they "really didn't need" that item- yah kids!!

The fight against overspending and materialism continues....

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