Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little multi-tasking~

What does a busy mom do when she has to fit in a Confirmation celebration and a Baptism celebration into an already packed schedule, and visiting relatives also have limited travel opportunities?

You slap both names on the cake and call it good :-)

And Bless our pastor for making it all work!  He is such a good guy.

Pastor Steve giving Luke a noogie.
The Confirmants seem to be kind of happy about the whole thing...

And since we were all cleaned up and smelling good, we took some family pictures...
  (minus Travis and Brad, who couldn't make it)

It seemed like such a perfect pairing-Quinn getting baptized and starting out on her faith journey, and Luke confirming his belief and becoming an adult in the church.

Kinda makes your heart full:-)

Quinn with her godparents-Kent and Sara Klawonn. And you should see the cute little doll in that box that they brought her!!  The adorable little dress Quinn is wearing is compliments of Auntie Gayle and the gold necklace was from Grandma Lee- the kid's only 2 and she has her own fashion team.

God's Blessings to you both, Luke and Quinn!!

 Love you both so much~
  Mom  xxoo

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