Wednesday, October 19, 2011

While we wait

Waiting seems to be the theme of our days.

We are waiting for our Visa Center cable so that our agency can start travel requests to China.  The average 7-10 day wait has turned into 15 days as of today.  Our 2 week approval timeframe was up to 48 days.

We are waiting for the movers to get our house jacked up and moved to our other farm before the weather begins to get cold.  They start tomorrow, and they tell us it takes almost 6 days to complete.  We started this process in April.

We are waiting to get the wooden floors buffed and varnished once we get all of these other tasks done first because the movers need them done- cutting down trees by the driveway and removing the deck.  Until then, our living room is all boxed up and empty of furniture.

So while we wait, we are trying to go through our days as normally as we can. 

Today for homeschooling- we were working on Chinese characters for history. I told the girls that I needed to know which restroom to use on our trip, so they wrote our "Men" and "Women" for me.  Love my girls!

 Isn't it crazy-coincidental that this year our history core is Eastern Hemisphere and that we're learning about China right now?  Definitely getting me in the mood to travel....TO CHINA!

Doing Chinese caligraphy with an ink stick and brush.

So here's to getting our house moved and settled, and here's to receiving our cable so that we can move forward to bringing Quinn home. 

 Cuz we're just tired of waiting.

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