Friday, October 14, 2011

Quilted memories

Yesterday we went to Sioux Falls to celebrate two of my cousin's birthdays, visit my aunt in her new "digs" and have lunch together.

With the move came the necessity to downsize, so my cousins had spent many hours splitting up family momentos and photos, along with other unnecessary "stuff".  

Because of my love of quilts, I was bequethed this special momentum from many years ago, that belonged to my aunt's mother, my Grandma Mik.

Each family had made at least one square that would represent their family, and it was put together as a gift for my Grandma Mik for her birthday many years ago.  After 20 years,  it is somewhat ragged and showing the effects of use, but it is special to me and I will cherish it always. :-)
Meanwhile, I finally finished the quilt that I was working on for Quinn.  I picked alot of fun colors and soft textures, to stimulate her senses and also give her something that she will want to cuddle up with for comfort.  If you look closely, you can see her name and her birthday stitched in one of the middle pink squares.

Quinn Dec 16, 2009
  [Okay people, I've got the quilt done, her suitcase packed, and I'm READY TO GO!!!  So send the approval already!!!]

By the way, I just have to add that I am always so proud to take my kids to gatherings, because they pull out the manners that they may not use around Mom and Dad all the time, and they are AWESOME around others!  The girls didn't complain one bit about all of us old people sitting around and visiting at an Assisted Living home, and they were friendly and able to hold a conversation with an adult. 

They make this momma proud!

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