Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Catch up on Fall Activities

With all the emotional ups and downs I've been experiencing these past few weeks, I have become very negligent on documenting some important moments in my children's lives!

Sept 23 was Bri's 11th Birthday- of course, we told her she had to do year 10 again because we weren't ready for her to become 11 yet.  She was not amused!

She plans out her birthday weeks in advance, and it includes shopping and lunch out with Grandma Lee.  We hit Pizza Ranch, followed by shopping at Ys Buys and Walmart.

That Friday she had friends for a sleep-over, and Loren and Luke went to the Washington Pavilion for a Boy Scout lock in.  (yah, no boys to bug them!)

Since cows need to be milked, party or no party, Bri was able to give a little milking demonstration to her friends.

Milking was followed by a game of kick ball, sleeping under the stars on the trampoline, and waking up to make smores on their makeshift campfire.  Bri is not a girly-girl, and I love that about her :-)

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  You are beautiful inside and out. :-)

Luke wrapped up his football season with a game on Oct 3rd against Canistota. We are very proud of him!   We really enjoy cheering him on, and I think Loren has been reliving some of his high school football memories. :-)

Luke is #15
#15 gets the touchdown!!
NOT the waterboy :-)
After the game-  Doesn't Loren look proud?!

[Notice the t-shirt Loren is wearing.  He lost a bet with a co-worker who is from Canistota, so when their high school team beat us last Friday night, Loren had to wear their team shirt to work!]

Other stuff:
  • Loren's homeplace gets torn down tomorrow, so we have spent days pulling out items from the house to keep.  He's removed alot of sentimental items for his Man Cave, plus alot of beautiful features, such as the oak hardwood floors, to be used in our house.  Who knew ripping up a house could be so exhausting?
  • We are meeting with various contractors during the week, trying to finalize all the details for the house moving. 
  • Had a snafu on our USCIS filing and didn't realize we had to include the Chinese version of our LOA, so we had to get that fixed.  Sadly, this will probably add to our wait.  We sent off our application on Aug 31 and we are still waiting......
So much going on- I hope it all comes together so that we won't be homeless for long, or have our house up on blocks when we leave for China!

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