Thursday, October 27, 2011

Housemoving- Day 2

The movers started banging in the basement this morning at 7:30 and continued throughout the day, getting the rest of the girders placed under the house.  Thanks to the gaping holes in our basement, it was a bit brisk in our house this morning!

And, since the house is already torn apart inside, we decided that we would go ahead and sand the wood floors that had been under the nasty icky carpet that we had torn up.  Its funny, but the more you fix, the more you notice that needs fixing!

4 passes with a buff sander to start out- tomorrow I'll work on the edging and the strip in the middle there where the repair was done.  I can't wait to see how it looks with the polyurathane coating!

And this is how we are living ....

Feels like we're camping.  No heat except the wood burning stove, the bathroom with the shower is off-limits because the plumbing on that end of the house is disconnected, most of our belongings are boxed up and furniture is crammed into rooms that it doesn't belong in. (I have an upright piano sitting in the middle of my kitchen, for crying out loud.)

I'm adventurous and all, but I cannot wait to have this over and done with.

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