Thursday, January 26, 2012

Luv with just a touch of jealousy

No one was more excited to adopt Quinn than Camille. 

Before Quinn came home, Camille was sorting out toys to share with her.  She was drawing pictures of her and Quinn playing together.  She had lots of big plans for the two of them, and at the root of all these plans was the hope that she and Quinn would become best of friends.

It's no secret that sometimes Camille feels left out, now that there are only 3 kids still at home.  Luke and Bri have a closeness that tends to leave her out, and they are both older and involved in alot of the same activities, which leaves Camille on the sidelines.

Her expectations of Quinn balancing out the sibling group were understandable. 

What she didn't expect was to be a little jealous of Quinn.  One day I read her journal entry, and it read "I hate that Quinn is here.  She gets everything."

Our conversation went like this:

Me: Camille, are you mad at Quinn today?
Camille:  No
Me:  You mentioned in your journal entry that you wished she wasn't here.  What is that about?
Camille: (typical avoidance)  I wish I was still a baby.  Babies get everything.
Me:  Really?  Like what?
Camille:  They get all sorts of stuff bought for them, like cool little boxes of cereal, and apple juice, and stuff like that.
Me: I buy cereal for you too, but you get the big bags because you eat more.  The little boxes are for Quinn's baby bag so she can eat them when we go places.  And you got apple juice when you were little too.
Camille:  Well, I wish I was still little.  And I wouldn't have to do school either.
Me:  Well, there are lots of things you get to do because you are 9 that Quinn doesn't get to do.  You got to go to the Chipmunk movie last night, right?
Camille:  yah.
Me:  Well, Quinn didn't get to go because she's too little.  She also has to take a nap during the day.  Do you want to go back to naps too?
Camille:  Ummm...No!
Me:  Well, there you go!  

(That was interesting- she managed to include in her disdain of schoolwork along with her complaint regarding Quinn- way to slip that in there, sweetheart!)

That was the first episode of jealousy we've encountered so far, so I think it's going pretty well.

Other than the "inequality of treats" infraction, all the kids are welcoming Quinn into the family and seem incredibly proud to have her as a sister.

And Camille is still banking on Quinn becoming her cohort in crime and all other fun activities.

(Don't you love the outfit?  She is quite the character!)

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