Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last day in China

This has been the longest two weeks, and yet, I'm still surprised that we are nearing the end and it's time to fly home.  Today we will fly out of Guangzhou and into Shanghai, stay the night in the hotel there, then fly out early tomorrow morning.  First stop is Tokyo, where Loren was wondering if they would stamp his passport "just for the heck of it" but I warned him not to try anything that would result in him landing in Tokyo prison and me flying home alone.  Priorities, man.

We have gained so much from this trip! 

First and foremost, an incredible daughter who is amazingly resilient and already willing to trust these two goofy looking strangers- that in itself is a miracle. That she has survived all that she has and is still able to smile and experience joy is a testament to her inner strength. 

Second- new friends.  We have had the priviledge of traveling with 2 amazing couples..  Both husbands are pastors, sports fans, and all around great husbands and fathers.  The wives are incredible mothers and advocates for orphans and fun Sisters of the Traveling Pants kinda gals, adventurous while keeping the home fires burning.  They have added so much to this trip and we couldn't have asked for better traveling companions.

Third- an appreciation of where we live, our country, and all that we have been blessed with.  Our freedoms; from censorship, from family size regulation, from limiting our travel or career choices.  Our living space and the luxury of living in the country and not crammed into an already overflowing city.

Fourth- an appreciation for each other as a couple, supporting each other in this adventure and truly enjoying this time together.  I can't think of anyone I would want to travel with more than Loren- he has been an incredible support and alot of fun too!

Fifth- a reinforcement of our faith in God's promise that he supports our mission for the care of orphans, and that he has been with us during this entire trip: keeping us safe and putting people in our paths that we were meant to meet. 

Sixth- an appreciation of China, it's current culture and it's rich history. We have learned so much about the country and people during our visit, and I come away from here with a respect of Quinn's heritage.  I hope I can pass this appreciation on to her as she gets older.

So as we get the last items crammed into our suitcases, I'll end with a few pictures from the last few days of our time in Guangzhou.

Here I am, looking cute as always.

We went into the White Swan hotel and got pics in front of the waterfall. 

This is the Jewelry mall, where the Wholesale Pearl district is located. We watched pearl necklaces being strung.  Can't believe that all of these stores are jewelry stores~

Dressed up for her Consulate appointment, but not very happy about it!  Still cute, even when she's pouting.

Hugging Dad, after the consulate appointment.

Shopping on Samian Island. 
Mark, April, Dai Fu, Loren, Drew, Amy, Salem (Quinn is standing with me)

Medical checkup on Samian Island.  Kids did NOT like this part.

Quinn was not cooperative!  She cried just as much getting weighed as she did getting her TB shot!
So anxious to see you all back home!  Take care, and see you all soon~
Love, Michelle and Loren

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  1. oh, sweet friend, do you remember tihs time last year when we were praying for this very thing?!? Nothing is impossible for GOD!!!!