Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adoption Update

We had been having trouble with the internet over the weekend but seem to have it figured out now. 

Friday morning we went to the Shanxi Province museum in Tiayuan.  I am not always a big museum guy but generally interested enough in history that I like to go.  We learned a lot about the history and culture of the province Quinn is from.  We are trying to take in as much as we can so we can help her know her Chinese heritage as well as her 'Scandinavian' background.

We left Tiayuan Friday afternoon for Guangzhou.  This is the final leg of the adoption process.  Saturday morning we went to the clinic for Quinn's examination.  Added to the list of things Quinn doesn't like include doctors and doctor's offices.  It did go relatively quickly and painlessly and we spent the rest of the day visiting the shops downtown. 

Sunday was a free day.  We didn't do much which I think we all needed.  Today (Monday) we go to see the results of the TB test and then another museum.  Tomorrow is our consulate appt and then Wednesday we collect Quinn's visa and head for the airport for a plane to Shanghai.  Thursday we begin our journey home going through Tokyo and on to Minneapolis.

I see a new swing being added to our swingset!

Michelle and Quinn in front of Starbucks. 
(You know how much of a coffee drinker Michelle is.)

Having lunch Saturday with the Scotts and Andersons
at Lucy's cafe on Shamian Island.

More later from Michelle.  (she is much better at this than I am - I'm surprised she let's me on her blog!)

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  1. So glad all is going well and you all made it to Guangzhou safely!! Love the picture of Quinn in the swing- adorable! Praying the rest of the trip goes well and for safe travels home...where in MN are you? We are in southeastern WI! It got really cold here the past couple of days but may warm up a little in time for you to get home.
    You will have to tell me how that carrier is working out too and which one you went with, Michelle- I think our daughter will be similar in size. :)