Monday, December 19, 2011

How fast can I learn Mandarin...?

The last 10 days seem to have gone by in a blur- living at the folks farm, running between there and our farm to do chores and work on the house, cleaning, unpacking, and trying to get my life in control again. 

 Yes, the ugly Type A personality has been rearing its head and I've been frantically trying to get my universe orderly so that the house is ready to move into, so that I will be ready to travel to get Quinn, and so that all is ready for the kids (grown up kids too) to be here over Christmas break.

Boxes unpacked, gifts wrapped and stockings stuffed, livestock feed stocked, freezers full, and paperwork ready to go.  Got the Sunday School Christmas program and party completed yesterday, and our last school event for Luke is tonight's Christmas concert.  Watched the season finale of Survivor while hanging the family photos.  Checklist is almost done.

After the rush of getting ready, both Loren and I are almost looking forward to the 15 hour plane trip, if only to sleep or do nothing.

Today we received our itinerary and it's looking like it's really going to happen!  And I'm panicking.  I know about 3 phrases in Mandarin and don't have a new book to read for the trip, so technically, I'm just not ready.  

On the other hand, I'm so ready to hold Quinn that I can barely stand it.  :-)

Here is our itinerary:
Loren and Michelle Johnson

December 22, 2011             Arrive in Beijing via DL129 @ 10:20 p.m.  Airport pickup.  Stay at Chang’an Grand Hotel.

December 23, 2011             Orientation meeting at 10:00 a.m.  Acrobatic show in the afternoon.

December 24, 2011             Visit the Great Wall and Cloisonne Factory.  Lunch included.

December 25, 2011             Visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and Hutong Tour.

December 26, 2011             Flight MU5292 (8:05- 9:20) to Taiyuan.  Airport pickup. Stay at Taiyuan Continental Hotel.  Receive your child in the afternoon.

December 27, 2011             Adoption  registration and  notarization.

December 28, 2011             Go to Datong by bus to apply for passport. Return to Taiyuan same night.

December 29, 2011             Visit Jiaxiu Pavilion, Yinze Park, and Shanxi Provincial Museum.
December 30, 2011             Receive all the documents. Flight CZ3530 (16:00-18:40) to Guangzhou. Airport pickup.

December 31, 2011             Medical exam for your child.

January 1, 2012                   Free

January 2, 2012                   Go back to the clinic to check TB skin test result.  Visit Guangzhou Folk Art Museum.

January 3, 2012                   Visa appointment.

January 4, 2012                   Pick up visa in the afternoon.  Go directly to airport. Flight MU5310 (18:55-21:20) to Shanghai. Stay at Airport Hotel.

January 5, 2012                   Flight DL296 @ 8:40 a.m. to USA.

So......whether I'm technically ready or not, we will be on that plane Wednesday morning- woo hoo!!

Please keep us in your prayers while we are gone, and especially pray for Quinn to accept us and to move gently into this new stage of her life. 

Pray that she will begin to trust us and bond with us, so that she can begin to have the security that only comes with having a loving family that watches over you and protects you.

Pray that Quinn is in good health, and also that Loren and I get through the trip unscathed by the diabolical intestinal issues that plague so many while traveling there.

Pray that our children here at home will do well in the care of their older brother and that things go smoothly while we are gone.

Can't wait to introduce Quinn to her new family, and her new family to her. This trip is an answer to a prayer and a mission that was laid on my heart almost 30 years ago.  I never thought this mission would reach completion, and my heart is so full now from all the blessings (and struggles) that have accompanied this process.   

God is good~

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