Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hanging out at the airport

Sitting here at the SeaTac airport in Seattle and managed to locate a free WiFi spot, so thought I would pop on to send messages to the kids and check email. 

Living on the farm hasn't prepared me for the Techno Influence that is surrounding me here in the Fast Lane of international travellers and the Movers and Shakers of the world.  I've never seen so many Ipods and Droids in hand, computers on laps, or MP3 player ear buds in ears before- there are even notices everywhere as to when you can have them on and when you can't.

Didn't know you can "buy" internet service while on the plane for $9.99 per flight either.  I'm still thrilled that they aren't charging for the Diet Coke.

And speaking of food, I had the largest Grilled Chicken salad I could find here, as my last "American Lettuce Meal" before entering China's "don't eat the lettuce" zone.  It was the best tasting salad that I can remember having EVER.  Of course, it's probably just because I know I can't have another one for 2 weeks.

I'm still kinda existing in that disbelief-zone that we are actually In Process, actually on a plane headed for Beijing.  I am loving every moment of it, the excitement of so many new things to see, the alone time spent with Loren without a million interruptions, and the barely contained excitement of soon meeting Quinn. 

(Yes, I'm still trying to learn my few pitiful Mandarin phrases- don't laugh.)  Although I think I impressed my kids when we were at Best Buy just before we took off for Mpls, and I was able to tell them what the words meant on the gong at the front of the store!  (It said "goodbye" in Mandarin) 

I hope they were impressed.  I have so few tricks left that impress them anymore :-)

Zai Jian

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