Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adoption Day

Because the internet goes into snail mode around 7 am here, I'm only going to post a few pictures for now before we head out, and then add some details when we get back.  The pictures take about 10 minutes a piece to load during prime time internet hours!

Had your child a whole 5 minutes?  Here, sign some papers!

Quinn when we got back to the hotel

Jammied up!  Playing with the first of 'her' toys

At the government building after this round
of paperwork was completed

Dad and Quinn - Day 2

Going out for dinner - Chinese tonight?
Notice all the bikes and scooters

Quinn with a couple more of her toys

Why is there a picture of me asleep with every child in
our house?  I must have a calming effect or work really hard!

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  1. LOVED the pictures...Quinn is so adorable! I hope and pray all is going well and safe travels home!