Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can you say REFERRAL??!!!!

WhoooHooo!  As of this morning, between our family and 2 others that I  know in our adoption group, there are 3 less orphans in the world.  How sweet is that?

Judee called me at 7:45- she couldn't wait until 8:00 she said!  We have been matched with a 16 mo old girl named QingQiao, and she is a cutie!  I had no idea we would be matched today because we had just turned in the most recent paperwork last week, and had been logged in to the Bethany referral "waiting list" as of yesterday. 

Because we were so open to many special needs and we've been down this road with a SN child, not alot scared us on the waiting child checklist.  Apparently we sailed past other families that were on the list ahead of us that weren't open to as many  challenges as we were, and we were matched in 1 day!!  That is unheard of!!    Many families wait for months for a referral, not to mention those families waiting for a healthy child- that is about a 7  year wait in China.  So are we blessed or what?!

I can't wait to post her pictures!  We are not allowed to do that per China regulation until we get our authorized approval back from China.  We now have 2 weeks to have her medical records reviewed by a physician, then we send in a Letter of Intent, stating that we have agreed to adopt this child.  More paperwork, but it's joyous paperwork, not the plethora of forms that we've had to fill out to get this far.

Please pray for her so that our paperwork all goes through quickly and smoothly, so we can travel to Shanxi province and bring her home as soon as possible. 

The Johnson household is just about bursting with happiness!!  Can I hear a Whoop Whoop!?

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