Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Farm Things...

Take a look at my new garden toy- it makes my garden look so professional!

It's a row cover for my cabbage- who would've thought I would get such a kick out of something like this?  I watched my cabbage get chewed down to nothing last year by cabbage moths and their little evil wormy young, so I'm almost giddy to see how nice they look so far under their protective cover.  Water and sunlight can get through the cover, but the evil cabbage moth CAN"T. 

Score one for me!


How's this for sisterly love?

Bri is leading Camille around on Mesa, so she can see what it's like trotting around on a big horse.  Aren't sisters sweet?


With all this nice weather, my "girls" are producing nicely.

There's something to incredibly satisfying about raising food, and going to pick eggs each day is like an Easter Egg Hunt :-) 

We're also eating lettuce, spinach,  and radishes out of the garden already-  It's the best time of year for salad eating. Did I mention that the strawberries are starting to turn red?

Just another day in this paradise I call Home.

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