Tuesday, June 21, 2011


That's right- we are LID! 

Logged in Dossier means that China has documented that they received our dossier and it's now in a stack waiting to be reviewed.  Once it is reviewed and approved, we will receive our LOA- Letter of Acceptance, telling us that they approve of this adoption.  Then we can begin making plans to travel to China.

This is a major milestone.  Everything is in their court, so now we wait.

Word on the Waiting Child Advocates list is that LOA's are taking around 60 days to receive- we are on day 13.

tick tock...tick tock...


On a brighter note, once we receive our LOA, we can post pictures of Quinn and send her packages to her orphanage. 

It's not fair that we get months to gaze at her face and fall in love with her, and she will see us for the first time when we come to get her.  If she was older, we would send her a family picture, but I'm sure at her age she would just chew on it!

I can't wait to get her home- she needs alot of hugging and cuddling and encouraging and playing and love.  She needs a family and a feeling of where she belongs. 

Here's hoping that the summer flies by!

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