Thursday, November 22, 2012


Thanksgiving 2011-

*  Our house had just been moved to it's new location and was sitting empty, still not hooked up to electricity or water.  We were living with my parents waiting for the chance to finish the repairs and move back in.
*  The kids ended up going with my mother to my aunt's house to eat, while Loren and I stayed to work on the house, getting the living room painted and some boxes unpacked.  We had a turkey sandwich for dinner.
*  We were waiting for our Travel Authorization to go to China and get Quinn, and we had no idea when that would be granted, so we were rushing to get moved into the house.

No chance to cook for my family, no chance to get out the Special Dishes, and no chance to repeat the traditions that I had been taught.  The whole day felt very incomplete.

We were in limbo.

Thanksgiving 2012-

So this year, I threw a traditional Thanksgiving for 11 people, with turkey AND ham, homebaked pies, and we used the Special Dishes. 

And after getting the house cleaned, kids bathed and dressed, food fixed and table set, I was more than just a little tired, but also I had a great feeling of accomplishment.  And of connection to my kids. 

Because years from now, they will reminisce about their childhoods, and remember how they felt on days like this.  And I want them to remember the feeling of family, of tradition, and of the love that went into putting on a feast like that. 

Missing all of our adult boys, but we still managed to fill a table :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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