Monday, July 16, 2012

Soar like an Eagle.....Scout

Loren was one of 5 Eagle Scouts from his Boy Scout troop to get his Eagle award the same year, and his dad was their scout leader, so that made it extra special.

So we were more than thrilled when Luke began working on his Eagle Scout project, with Loren as his scout leader.

An Eagle scout project requires that these young lads do something that will help out their community, while also growing their own leadership skills.  They are responsible for planning out a project, getting materials and such, and lining up the labor needed for the project's completion. And you must play Simon Says with the Boy Scout Board of Authority" to get approval for your project scope and idea.

So over the past year, Loren and Luke have been scoping out project ideas and discarding them just as quickly.  I reminded Loren that this was Luke's responsibility, and it will be up to him whether he is willing to put the effort forth to earn this honorable rank of Eagle Scout. 

 However, we must remember that we are dealing with a 14 year old boy here.  Getting up in the morning before noon is considered an accomplishment these days, so getting him to plan a project of this level of time and energy committment didn't come easy.  After months of waffling from one project to another, he and Loren stumbled on a project that the Development Corporation had planned to complete last year, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet.  They had contracted to have another city sign installed for the west entrance of town, and it was done and waiting to be put up.

 They were more than thrilled to have someone, even a 14 year old boy, take charge and get it completed.

And, oh by the way, could you get it done before Danish Days, which is next weekend???

So we 'rallied the troop' and managed to get the project done in 2 afternoons, with the help of a few skilled dads who knew what they were doing.  The better pictures are all on Loren's phone, but we did manage to remember to take a few with my camera.

And just in time, because Danish Days begin in 4 days, so here's to a successful and timely completion! The boys learned how to build forms for concrete, lay and seal blocks, install posts, while making sure it's all level. What a great learning experience for these boys and good PR for the Boy Scouts.

Now every time we pass this sign coming into town, we will all feel proud of Luke and Loren and their part in this nice little piece of Viborg.

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