Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I've noticed...

There are funny little things that you notice about someone as you get to know them, and I don't want to forget them. When we showed the kids our video from Gotcha Day tonight, I realized how much Quinn has changed already, both in appearance and demeanor.    As I spend more time with Quinn, more pieces of her puzzle are falling into place to give us a better picture of who she is.

* She loves all fruit, especially bananas, apple juice, fish crackers, PB ,"nutritious rice" (that's what the orphanages call it), Ramen, and applesauce, but is allergic to milk products and has to drink soy milk.

*  Can hold a pen or crayon the correct way already, with either hand.  So far, is showing a slight preference for her right hand, but often interchanges.  Loves to write on EVERYTHING.

*  Is fascinated with all electronics, and pretends everything is a phone, including the TV's remote control.  Then she has funny conversations on it, and says "yah, yah, yah"  then "ha, ha, ha" like someone told her a joke, followed by more baby gibberish.  Super cute!

*  Took to brushing her teeth right away, and it's hard to get the toothbrush away from her.

*  It took a month to get her comfortable enough to take a bath without crying, although she still insists on standing!  All it took was putting her stacking cups into the tub, and the tears stopped.

* We noticed in the videos from Gotcha Day that she has gained alot of weight since then.  She does love her food :-)  Problem is, many of her shirts won't fit over her tummy anymore!

* After being here alittle over a month, she already says Dada, Bye bye, Oh oh, Peek a boo, Mama, off, thank you, and  Baby.  Sometimes she watches me talk, and then she purses her lips like a fish.  Do I look like when I'm talking?? 

Who put these things in my hair?  Camille!!!!!

Writing down these Little Things will help us to remember her first days here with us, and give her some documented childhood memories for her to reminisce on when she is older. For a child who comes to us with very little history, I think this will be big to her someday.

She has learned so much already, and has faced so many fears head on- she is so brave! 

I can't wait to see where that courage will take her~

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