Friday, February 17, 2012

Frugal Friday~


7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

This book is EXACTLY what I was looking for- the concept of shedding our commercialism cloak of fitting in, and being bold enough to go against the peer pressure of our generation to Have It All.

I've never felt that we need it all. 

I grew up reading Laura Ingall Wilder books, and I felt a kinship to that era of pioneer women- quilting with worn material scraps, getting a tin cup, candy cane and a penny for Christmas and being happy about it, living frugally every day because their generation didn't have the luxery of living any other way.

I cringe when my kids mention wanting any electronics for their birthday, open cupboards filled with food and tell me there's nothing to eat, or they whine "We're having THAT again!" 

  I don't think we need to give or get gifts at EVERY EVENT that my children attend during the Christmas season.  I feel that every holiday has become too commercial and tied to a Hallmark card,  and I agree that the Christmas season has gotten WAY out of hand, forfeiting all Jesus references in lieu of Walmart Black Sunday sales ads.

Jen Hatmaker speaks my language.

This is an incredibly insightful book that everyone should read.  I couldn't get enough of it, and I want Jen to write another one just like it.  Immediately.

And because I loved it SO MUCH, I plan on trying to incorporate many of her suggestions into our own lives, starting with Lent.  As a family, we are going to try to do each of the 7 tasks, somewhat abridged versions of them, just to introduce the ideas to my family.  Then after Lent, we will choose which" denials" or changes we will want to continue.

I'm very excited to get started and see if we can move away from Immediate Gratification, to becoming more patient and also content with what we have.

Isn't that the definition of Happiness? 

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