Monday, February 14, 2011

~~~~~Heat Wave ~~~~~~

Gotta love the midwest- one day it was 20 deg below zero, and 3 days later it's 33 degrees and sunny.  Honestly, I saw kids running around in SHORTS! (Doesn't their mother check them at the door before they leave the house??)  I'm sure they would be wearing flip flops as well if it hadn't been so slushy :-)

Sunday we took our church pre-League kids up to Lake Madison for some sledding and snow play- the kids all had a great time but got soaked because of the warm temps.  The snow was almost too sticky to sled, so they ended up building snowmen and eventually forts, which led to snowball fights!  We barely got home in time to get to Boy Scouts- not much of a relaxing weekend, but I remind myself that the kids will get to the age when we won't be as involved with their lives, so we will enjoy it while we can!

Enjoy the beauty of winter and the joy of being with your family~

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