Thursday, February 7, 2013

Soaring like an Eagle

I know...sappy title, right?! 

Well, I would be remiss if I didn't brag about my teenage son every now and then, especially when he has something this prestigious happen in his life. 

On Sunday, he followed his father's footsteps in becoming an Eagle Scout from Troop 61.
And his father couldn't be prouder!

Loren was in a group of 5 scouts that got their Eagle Scout from the same troop one year, had the gym full of people, and they were on the local news for that accomplishment.  Our celebration was a tad bit smaller, but no less important.  Those that were there were special to Luke and helped him somehow in achieving his scouting awards. 

Good friends, good food, and a reason to celebrate- we don't need any more than that!

Bob and Mike putting on the Eagle Scout scarf
Putting the Eagle Scout pin on
I'm impressed that it's tradition for the mother to pin her son.  I guess they realize how much time, effort, urging, money, driving to events, and just lighting a fire under our sons it takes to get them to this level of scouting!  And BTW, I didn't stick him with the pin :-)

Luke and Loren put Mike in for a Scout Master award
Mike also received an award for being an Outstanding Scoutmaster, and he is!  It takes so much personal time and committment to head any kind of kids group, whether it's coaching a ball team or heading a scout troop. I have so much gratitude to those who are willing to sacrifice some of their personal time to lead and guide our children!

 And I love the philosophy taught to our scouts on the importance of community service and involvement. Loren and I are always trying to encourage our kids to participate in any possible community service projects they can, and we try to lead by example by doing our own "community service".  We have taught Sunday School for over 20 years, coached Peewee baseball teams for all of our kids, Loren has been a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader for several years, I've done Cub Scouts and 4H, and we dive in on any community projects that we can.  Hoping that we are teaching by example.

Troop 61 members that were at the ceremony
(When did Luke get so much taller than me?)

Food and Family

All in all, it was one of those days when you see past the teenager that is always either sleeping or sitting in front of the tv, and I can see the man that he is becoming.  And I am encouraged by moments of sweetness, maturity, and compassion for others.  We only get 18 years to form and mold our children into the adults we want them to be, and there are many days when I feel I'm running out of time!  But days like this give me hope that we have our kids on the right path and that all our efforts are not in vain.

Yes, I am Superman!

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