Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"My computer is about to go into the shop" updates

My keyboard acts as if it's possessed, and my computer has become oh so slow, so it's time to run it into the shop for a tune-up. Before she goes in tomorrow, I thought I would post a few quick recent happenings so I won't forget!

Saturday was a big day for the girls- they faced off against performance anxiety and won!  The Regional Violin Contest was held in Vermillion, and the girls both competed.  Picture taking isn't allowed until after the contest, so here are the pics of the whole group with their teacher, Amy.  (Who is AMAZING, by the way!)

Both girls performed SO WELL, and even though they were scared, they faced their fears and survived the contest.  Bri's playing has improved so much this year, and her fingering is incredible- it's been so enjoyable watching her grow as a musician.

 Camille decided at the last minute to compete, so this was her first contest, and she impressed me so much with her resolve and determination!  She didn't miss a note, and had both pieces memorized.  She is very musical, and I can see her having a future doing something in the music field. 

And of course, we followed up the performance with a trip to Dairy Queen :-)


Quinn gave us a little fashion show the other day- we were trying to figure out what she would wear for Easter, so she gave us her best Runway performance.   Dress...yes!
I think we found a winner!  Now let's go find some eggs :-)


Just hanging out with my peeps...

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